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Introducing ISOPodCast

So I decided to start a podcast. I'm a big fan of podcasts and it's been very cool to see more Information Security related ones surface. I wanted to get in the action and try to do something (hopefully) a little different than most in that the purpose was to have on people I find fascinating, set a topic that doesn't necessarily have to be technical and just see where it goes.  I present ISOPodCast and let me explain the name. The ISO stands for Information Second Opinion because I want to discuss and debate with the guests various issues such as community (Episode #1), education, mental health and the like. There's also a bit of wordplay with ISO, InfoSec(ond) and also Isopods are cool looking. This post is going to introduce Episode #1 - "Community" where my guest Allan Stojanovic ( @allansto ) talk about our local scene here in Toronto, Canada as a whole and identity. Now here's what I'd like to ask of you dear listeners: Thi