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Seeing as how I just returned home from DerbyCon 6.0 - Recharge in Louisville, Kentucky, I'd like to share my experience.

As a PowerShell junkie this con was special and certainly that feeling is shared amongst a lot of you that attended or watched the videos (Big thanks to @irongeek_adc (Adrian Crenshaw) for all the uploads). But before we get to all that I wanted to start at the very beginning of my trip.

I went 3 days before the actual conference began for @Carlos_Perez (Carlos Perez) class, "Advanced PowerShell for Blue and Red Teams". Thought I'd get in town a bit early, see the city a little and rest (as you can see in the below photo) since the next 2 days would be 8am starts and a lot of content to take in.

Showed up to get my badge a bit before class and it was off to the PowerShell races!

The class was fantastic. In all honesty, I left with a far deeper understanding of PowerShell and WMI not only for the pwnage, but on the blue side as well. There was an e…